Understanding the Texas CLE Requirement

Total CLE Requirement:

15 credit hours annually

Credit Format:

All credits may be completed online.

Credit Breakdown:

12 hours General
3 hours Ethics

Compliance Deadline:

*Last day of attorney's birth month.

Reporting Deadline:

*COMPLIANCE PERIOD RULE: Each attorney’s annual compliance/reporting period begins on the first day of their birth month and ends on the day that precedes it.

*COVID-19 Temporary Change: We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for some attorneys to complete their MCLE requirements on time. In response, the State Bar of Texas MCLE Department granted several extensions to attorneys beginning with those who had compliance dates in November 2019. Below are the current compliance deadlines.

Attorneys with the following birth months:

June — granted a 90-day extension with a final deadline of September 30.

July — granted a 90-day extension with a final deadline of October 31.

August — granted a 60-day extension with a current deadline of October 31.

September — granted a 60-day extension with a current deadline of November 30.

The MCLE department continues to review compliance deadlines due to the pandemic. Please contact the MCLE Department at 800-204-2222, ext. 1806, or mcle@texasbar.com if you have questions about the extensions or MCLE compliance requirements.

Reporting Information:

*COVID-19 Temporary Change :COVID-19 has severely impacted the State of Texas and the administration of the judicial system. Many lawyers are struggling in the economic climate created by the pandemic.

As a result, the State Bar Membership Department asked the Texas Supreme Court to extend the deadline for payment of membership fees to October 31, 2020. The court agreed to the extension in its 23rd Emergency Order.

Newly Admitted Requirement:

New admittees have an initial CLE compliance period of 24 months that begins on the first day of their birth month after receiving their license.

State Contact Information:

  • Address State Bar of Texas
    MCLE Department
    P.O. Box 13007
    Austin, Texas 78711-3007
  • Numbers (T) (512) 427-1806
    (T) (800) 204-2222 ext. 1806
    (F) (512) 427-4423
  • mail mcle@texasbar.com

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