About The Lecturer

Adam Miller is the CEO & Co-Founder of MIDAO and host of the JustDAOIt! Podcast. Adam has written three laws that have passed in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, making available the first sovereign nation DAO LLC. Adam has spoken about legal issues with over 500 DAOs in the last two years.

Adam devotes his career to helping bring DAOs to the world. He passionately believes that there will be 10 times as many DAOs in 10 years as there are legal organizations in existence today (2B vs 200M). Global crypto lawyers regularly call on Adam for advice about DAO legal entity issues, as he has discussed such issues with over 500 DAOs in the last two years alone. Adam has also helped start, consulted for, and been an active member of many DAOs, including bDAO, AdmiralDAO, and Purple.

MIDAO incorporates Decentralized Autonomous Organizations in the Marshall Islands, the only jurisdiction to recognize DAOs as they truly are - decentralized. MIDAO facilitates the process for DAOs by handling everything from setting up their legal entities, to providing a physical mailing address and submitting annual filings. MIDAO believes incorporation should be fast and easy so DAOs and their contributors can focus on building. MIDAO believes that DAOs represent the future of how humans organize ourselves and our resources.

Adam received a B.S. in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a certificate in Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies from the MIT Media Lab. Adam can be reached at adam.miller@midao.org or on Telegram at @adamjgmiller.


Practice Area(s)

Science & Technology


BS, Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology