The ABCs of Equal Employment Opportunity Laws

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Employment Law

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Are you considering exploring a legal career in employment law or adding this area of specialty to your legal practice? This course will provide an overview of the different equal employment opportunities laws in federal court, elements of the claims, prerequisites, and best practices for legal practitioners.

In this course, we will cover the basics of Charges of Discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC), the EEOC investigation process, EEOC Right to Sues, and Equal Opportunities Commission (EEO) litigation basics. Whether you are a new attorney or a seasoned practitioner considering adding employment law to your practice, this course will cover the fundamentals of employment law.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the EEO laws and who they protect
  • Understand EEOC Charges of Discrimination, the Investigation Process, and Rights to Sue
  • Explore EEO Litigation and Best Practices

About the Presenters

Lindsey Wagner, Esq.

Moxie Mediation

Practice Area: Alternative Dispute Resolution (+ 1 other areas)

Lindsey the founder of Moxie Mediation, based in the United States, where she serves as a Mediator for Labor and Employment claims. Through Moxie, she also provides workplace investigation and workplace training services to companies across the United States and internationally.Prior to founding Moxie, Lindsey was a Partner at the law firm Scott Wagner and Associates, P.A., where she exclusively practiced labor and employment law for a decade. Her legal practice focused on representing both employers and employees in employment litigation (state and federal) and arbitration as well as non-litigation, employment-related counseling and compliance, including workplace training and workplace investigations, ...

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