Negotiating the Best Deal: Real Estate Contracts

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Real Estate Closing Procedures

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Ms. Leah Bloomberg, an expert in real estate negotiations, goes through the best tips and strategies to negotiate the best deal for your client. Ms. Bloomberg discusses the necessary steps and advice on what it takes for successful real estate contract negotiations. In this course, Ms. Bloomberg includes a number of current examples of contracts and the paperwork necessary to finalize these types of deals. Ms. Bloomberg thoroughly explains and describes the purposes of each form to ensure that the deal is executed flawlessly, and your clients have the requisite knowledge surrounding each document they are signing.

About the Presenters

Leah Bloomberg, Esq.

Sonnenschein, Sherman & Deutsch, LLP

Practice Area: Real Property

Leah M. Bloomberg, Esq. is licensed to practice in both New York and New Jersey. Ms. Bloomberg is an associate at Sonnenschein, Sherman & Deutsch, LLP in New York City where she specializes in real estate law, and more specifically, cooperative and condominium conversion and representation. Her firm has converted hundreds of buildings to coops and condos over the last 30 years and remains the leading firm in tax certorari with the NYC Department of Finance. 

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