A Primer on Technology Contracts

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General Icons 1.00 General

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Business and Corporation

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This course will not only cover the absolute essentials of what must go into a contract involving technology, but will also address the finer details that will ensure the protection your clients are expecting.  The course will begin with a discussion of the key clauses of non-disclosure agreements and sample terms and conditions.  We will then address the relevant U.S. Federal Laws.  The remainder of the course will focus on recent laws that address data security and privacy policies.  

About the Presenters

Barbara Bridges, Esq.

Head of Legal at dv01

Practice Area: Business and Corporation

Barbara Bridges, Esq., is Head of Legal at dv01, a venture backed FinTech company located in New York City. As in-house counsel, she is a generalist with particular expertise in tech, cybersecurity, data and emerging products. Barbara received a B.A. from Emory University, where she studied Political Science and English, and she received a J.D. from Columbia Law School.

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