Affordable Online CLE for Attorneys

Satisfying your continuing legal education requirements online is a great way to beat the crowds and travel time of in-person education. You've likely got enough on your plate every day than to take time out of your busy schedule to satisfy your CLE requirements, and it's exactly why we offer online CLE courses to those that want to meet their CLE needs without the complication of an in-person class. And when you can meet your MCLE deadline without even having to leave the comfort of home, that makes it easier to fit your CLE needs around your life instead of your life around your CLE needs.

Simply select a state to get started and we'll show you all the approved online CLE courses, as well as the number of credits you'll get, who's teaching the class and what the ongoing obligations are. Take one course or a few to meet your CLE need, or bundle up or purchase our unlimited package to gain access to everything that we offer.

Filter by credit type and practice area to easily find the courses that you need, and we'll deliver the instruction to you via online CLE courses that are cross-platform and work with any modern web browser. From video courses to live lectures and discussions via videoconference, we're a leading provider of online CLE for lawyers all over the country, and because we segment everything out by state, it's easy to know that the courses you're taking will apply to your CLE requirements.

Whether you're interested in learning on your terms or you just want an easier way to meet your continuing legal education need, TRTCLE allows all attorneys to stay in compliance with their state bar without missing a beat. With almost 33 years of educating lawyers, we're one of the leaders in online CLE, and our large staff of more than 40 lawyers from around the country ensures that you'll be learning from the top legal minds.

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