Understanding the California CLE Requirement

Total CLE Requirement:

25 credit hours every three years

Credit Format:

All credit hours may be completed online. All TRTCLE courses are approved for "participatory" MCLE credit.

Credit Breakdown:

General: 15 hours (max)
Legal Ethics: At least 4 hours
Competence Issues: At least 2 hours, with at least one hour focused on prevention and detection competence
Elimination of Bias: At least 2 hours, with at least one hour focused on implicit bias and the promotion of bias-reducing strategies
Technology: At least 1 hour
Civility in the Legal Profession: At least 1 hour

Changes to the MCLE course requirements effective October 1, 2023: Beginning with the compliance period ending January 31, 2025, attorneys must comply with the following new requirements:

* At least 1 hour of Technology in the Practice of Law: One hour addressing technology in the practice of law, including education on technology tools, programs, or applications to assist attorneys in their law practice

* At least 1 hour of Civility in the Legal Profession: One hour addressing civility in the legal profession, including education that discusses the link between civility and bias, incivility that is directed at opposing parties or counsel, and incivility aimed at the judiciary

* At least 2 hours of Competence Issues: At least one of the two hours must be focused on prevention and detection education that addresses substance use or other mental or physical issues that impair a licensee’s ability to perform legal services with competence (prevention and detection competence); and An optional one-hour focused on wellness education, including physical and mental wellness and wellbeing or stress management, in the context of the practice of law and the impact these issues can have on an attorney’s ability to perform legal services with competence (wellness competence)

Compliance Deadline:

Attorneys with last names beginning with A-G (Group 1).
Compliance period: 2/1/22-1/31/25
Deadline to report: Feb. 1, 2025

Attorneys with last names beginning with H-M (Group 2).
Compliance period: 2/1/21-1/31/24
Deadline to report: Feb. 1, 2024

Attorneys with last names beginning with N-Z (Group 3).
Compliance period: 2/1/20-1/31/23
Deadline to report: Feb. 1, 2023

Reporting Deadline:

Attorneys are required to complete their MCLE requirements by the end of their compliance group's deadline.

Group 1: Feb. 1, 2025

Group 2: Feb. 1, 2024

Group 3: Feb. 3, 2023

Reporting Information:

California is a self-reporting jurisdiction. Attorneys must certify their compliance by logging into their State Bar Profile at My State Bar Profile and submitting a statement of compliance.

Attorneys may not carry over credits into the next compliance period.

Newly Admitted Requirement:

New admittees may be subject to a proportional requirement based on their date of admission. Click here to calculate your newly admitted requirement.

State Contact Information:

  • Address

    Office of Certification
    State Bar of California
    180 Howard Street
    San Francisco, CA 94105-1639

  • Numbers (T) (415) 538-2000
  • mail www.calbar.ca.gov

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