The Six Steps to a Divorce Proceeding

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Monday, January 20, 2020
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
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In this Live Teleconference, Melinda Maddox, Esq., provides an in-depth overview of the divorce process, while encouraging discussion and feedback. Ms. Maddox goes through the “how-to” for drafting sufficient pleadings in a divorce proceeding from start to finish. From filing the complaint, to the different types of divorce, the stages of divorce proceedings, and child custody and visitation agreements, Ms. Maddox covers it all.

About the Presenters

Melinda Maddox

Melinda Maddox

Law Offices of Melinda Maddox, Esq.
Practice Area: Criminal Law
Melinda Maddox, Esq., is a solo practitioner who has represented clients at every stage of civil and criminal litigation for 24 years. In addition to practicing in federal and state court, Ms. Maddox was appointed by the Presiding Judge to manage courthouse compliance for the Mobile Municipal Court. She has represented…
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