Mob Rules: The First Amendment and Mass Protests

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Thursday, January 16, 2020
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM ET
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AboutAbout This Course

This course will examine the history, goals, and protest tactics of current major protest groups in the United States. The course will review the law concerning freedom of speech and the circumstances under which where government may take action to avoid a riot. Other topics include law enforcement use of force, symbolic speech, parade permits, and the “fighting words” doctrine. We will also consider the types of criminal offenses committed during some demonstrations.

About the Presenters

Andrew Tallmer, Esq.

Andrew Tallmer, Esq.

Law Enforcement Legal Assistance & Training
Practice Area: Criminal Law
Andrew Tallmer, founder of Law Enforcement Legal Assistance & Training (“LEOLAT”)  has been an attorney since 1987. He has been a police attorney for both the New York City Police Department and for the North Carolina Justice Academy. He is a former Professor of Law who has taught criminal law and procedure to law…
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