Prosecutorial Misconduct is not yet the Norm, but...

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Thursday, January 16, 2020
4:00 PM to 6:00 PM ET
2.4 Credits in
  • General2.40 Ethics

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Prosecutorial misconduct is hardly the seminal concern confronting the legal system. Yet, as we examine perhaps some of the worst prosecutorial misconduct that has surfaced during the first two decades of the 21 st century, we continueto sift through the ruins of specific special responsibilities of prosecutors. In addition, thereis the effect of sexism and other boorish behavior at collegiate and graduate levels. Tarnished reputations wreaked havoc in the life of District Attorney Mike Nifong, his office and the entire Duke Lacrosse program, including multiple broken rules of professional conduct (ABA Model Rule 8.4: MISCONDUCT). Of special interest is what we have learned in studying this seminal case and the resulting misconduct.

About the Presenters

William D. Brown, Ph.D.

William D. Brown, Ph.D.

Practice Area: Ethics
Dr. Brown, a clinical psychologist, is one of the nation's leading ethics lecturers. Since 1990, he has trained tens of thousands of attorneys and professionals on their ethical obligations in every facet of law.
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