New York Ethics and Specialty Bundle 2019

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6 Credits
  • General5.00 Ethics
  • General1.00 Elimination of Bias

AboutAbout This Bundle

Our New York Ethics and Specialty CLE Bundle allows you to satisfy all of your required Ethics and Elimination of Bias* credits online!

With a variety of relevant course topics presented by experienced lecturers, this Specialty bundle was designed to make your CLE experience more convenient.


Our mobile-ready courses are available on-demand and can be viewed anytime at your own pace.


*As of January 1, 2018, New York has a new category for CLE Credit - Diversity, Inclusion & Elimination of Bias. If you are a veteran attorney due to re-register on or after July 1, 2018, you must attend 1 Elimination of Bias credit hour as part of your total 24 credit requirement.


Our New York Ethics and Specialty Bundle is only applicable to veteran attorneys. Please click here for our Bridge the Gap Compliance Day programs for New York newly-admitted attorneys.

Online Courses in This Bundle


Bias in the Legal Profession: How to Identify, Avoid and Eliminate It

Bias and Discrimination occur in every profession; however, the prevalence in the Legal Profession is all too common, dating back hundreds of years. The…

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Cause and Effect: Substance Abuse and Attorneys

The dialogue regarding substance abuse among lawyers needs to be an ongoing priority throughout the legal profession. In this course, featured TRTCLE…

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Fifty Shades of Legal Ethics

This seminar presents lecture materials, hypothetical scenarios and cases to guide participants on an interactive intellectual journey into the evolution…

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Legal Ethics Real Problems

In this seminar, distinguished Legal Ethics Lecturer, James Wrenn, Jr., Esq., goes through numerous examples of "real" ethics issues that attorneys encounter…

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