Point Blank: The Current State of Gun Control Laws

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Gun control is one of the most debated and divisive issues in the United States. In this course, Coleen F. Middleton, Esq. presents an overview of Second Amendment rights, federal legislation and executive orders, the diverse state laws, recent trends, and the ethics of gun control laws. As a gun violence epidemic is sweeping this nation, Ms. Middleton provides an insider's perspective on gun control laws. Ms. Middleton also contributes time to discuss current federal laws and state affairs. As an Assistant United States Attorney, Ms. Middleton prosecuted numerous cases under the federal gun control laws, including successful jury trials.

About the Presenters

Coleen F. Middleton, Esq.

Coleen F. Middleton, Esq.

Practice Area:Criminal Law
Ms. Middleton is the founding member of The Law Offices of Coleen F. Middleton, Esq. PLLC.  As a former Assistant United States Attorney and Princeton graduate, Coleen helps attorneys nationwide to succeed by providing legal research, brief writing,…
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