Covenants Not To Compete

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The objective of this course is to provide background and context of the competing interests that inform the jurisprudence applicable to covenants not to compete; an overview of the elements of enforceable covenants not to compete generally; to review samples of covenants not to compete as drafted and included in both an employment contract and a contract for the sale and purchase of business assets. Mr. Resko also reviews the process of enforcing a covenant not to compete by application for injunctive relief in a United States District Court.

About the Presenters

Michael Resko, Esq.

Michael Resko, Esq.

Law Offices of Michael Resko, Esq.
Practice Area:Business and Corporation
Professor Resko earned his JD from New York University School of Law in 1991. After working for several years at a New York City law firm, in 1996 he opened his own practice, specializing in real estate transactions and litigation, business transactions…
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