Digital Age Challenges to Legal Ethics

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The Digital Age will pose continually increasingly difficult challenges to fundamental principles governing the attorney-client relationship and the practice of law.  This makes it imperative for the legal profession and the judiciary to remain ever vigilant and to make timely changes to Rules of Court to the extent necessary to preserve such principles as well as the independence of the Judiciary under our Constitutional system of government.  In this seminar, Mr. Wrenn explores these impending threats and the steps attorneys need to take to protect themselves and their clients. 

1  Legal Ethics Duties -- Broad Framework
2. Particular Duties to, and Duties Imposed by, the System of Justice.  
3  Digital-Age Terms of Service versus Digital-Age Terms of Ethics.  
4  Ethics in the Clouds or Clouds in Ethics.
5.  Attorney-Client Privilege & Attorney Work-Protect Privilege -- Legal-Ethics Waivers or Waivers of Legal Ethics?   
6. Email:  Electronic Mail -- Can It Be Ethical Mail?    
7. Legal-Ethics Implications in Preservation, Deletion, and Destruction of Electronic Data   
8. Scope & Rapidity of Technological Changes in the Digital Age.      
9. What Can/Should be Done About Digital-Age Threats to Attorney-Client Privilege and Attorney-Work-Product Privilege? Having cursed the darkness, it's now incumbent upon me to light a candle.  Consider the following observations/suggestions     
10. Proposals for Action by Judiciary to Protect Legal Ethics, Right to Counsel, Due Process and the Administration of Justice from Threats Posed by Technology.    

About the Presenters

James R. Wrenn, Jr., Esq.

James R. Wrenn, Jr., Esq.

James R. Wrenn Jr. at WrennLaw.Com
Practice Area:Ethics
James Wrenn Jr. Esq. is an attorney in Virginia.  He is admitted to practice in the Virginia Supreme Court, the lower courts of the Commonwealth of Virginia, US District Courts for Eastern and Western Districts of Virginia, and the US Court of Appeals…
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