Family Law From A to Z

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In this course, Ms. Coglianese gives a primer on the practice of family law. Topics covered in the lecture include: prenuptial agreements, matrimonial litigation and proceedings for divorce and property settlement agreement. Alexandra M. Coglianese, Esq. uses her expertise to discuss matrimonial litigation and how to manage the case, discuss expectations, and follow through. From the first moment you meet with a client in these cases, the client is highly emotional and you learn everything about their private lives. Understanding how to approach these cases is key and a highly personal process. 

About the Presenters

Alexandra M. Coglianese, Esq.

Alexandra M. Coglianese, Esq.

Ziegler and Zemsky
Practice Area:Family Law
Alexandra M. Coglianese specializes in matrimonial litigation and all facets of Family Law including, but not limited to marital dissolution, child custody, child support and pre and post-judgment matters. During her law school tenure, Ms. Coglianese…
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