The Basics of Attorney Morality

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Every lawyer should assist in maintaining the integrity of the legal profession. Their representation in the judicial system can deter future professional misconduct by others. Michael Resko, Esq., a prominent attorney and professor, expressly discusses the importance of attorney morality. Further stressing the importance of the public in retaining their confidence in the judicial system. The course aims to discuss the legal ethics issues affecting practitioners and clients. Mr. Resko further explains the Model Code for assessing the applicability of the sliding-scale for misconduct. He steers the course in many directions by offering counterarguments and additional queries after each segment. 

About the Presenters

Michael Resko, Esq.

Michael Resko, Esq.

Law Offices of Michael Resko, Esq.
Practice Area:Business and Corporation
Professor Resko earned his JD from New York University School of Law in 1991. After working for several years at a New York City law firm, in 1996 he opened his own practice, specializing in real estate transactions and litigation, business transactions…
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