Drafting Online Terms and Conditions

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We interact with and agree to Terms and Conditions knowingly and unknowingly both online and offline multiple times a day. This course seeks to define Terms & Conditions, track their evolution from the paper to online format and review the relevant court cases that shape the drafting process in an effort to elucidate and set forth the most effective drafting process. Ultimately, after leaving the CLE, attendees should have a general understanding of what are considered typical Terms and Conditions and areas that are still evolving/remain gray as the world continue to grapple with how to deal with the emerging technologies of the internet. 

About the Presenters

Barbara Bridges, Esq.

Barbara Bridges, Esq.

Head of Legal at dv01
Practice Area:Business and Corporation
Barbara Bridges, Esq., is Head of Legal at dv01, a venture backed FinTech company located in New York City. As in-house counsel, she is a generalist with particular expertise in tech, cybersecurity, data and emerging products. Barbara received…
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