Privacy in the Digital Age of Startups

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Advances in technology, marketing, analytics and social media have unleashed a torrent of vulnerabilities for professional privacy and personal privacy obligations for digital startups.  Who owns information, how is big data utilizing information, and how is the growth of data sourcing impacting policy considerations, are questions practitioners must understand in today’s business environment. This course will acquaint you with basic U.S. laws related to privacy, and provide guidance on leading considerations in the formation of and the need for privacy policies in the transfer of different types of information.  Lecturer, Barbara Bridges, Esq. will discuss the important questions to ask in drafting a privacy policy, whether for a startup’s new online presence or for an established business whose obligations to secure privacy have expanded after becoming a member of the vast online community.

About the Presenters

Barbara Bridges, Esq.

Barbara Bridges, Esq.

Head of Legal at dv01
Practice Area:Business and Corporation
Barbara Bridges, Esq., is Head of Legal at dv01, a venture backed FinTech company located in New York City. As in-house counsel, she is a generalist with particular expertise in tech, cybersecurity, data and emerging products. Barbara received…
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