A Guide to Employee Handbooks

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Employee handbooks are beneficial for every company to have because they include the answers to general questions, help maintain company culture as a company expands, include internal marketing solutions, set clear expectations for employees, include company policies and notices, and are imperative for record keeping.  This course provides the guidelines for employee handbooks, provides an overview of anti-discrimination laws, as well as specific state laws, the Fair Labor Standards Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, and the Occupational and Safety Health Act. 

About the Presenters

Barbara Bridges, Esq.

Barbara Bridges, Esq.

Head of Legal at dv01
Practice Area:Business and Corporation
Barbara Bridges, Esq., is Head of Legal at dv01, a venture backed FinTech company located in New York City. As in-house counsel, she is a generalist with particular expertise in tech, cybersecurity, data and emerging products. Barbara received…
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