Into the Twittersphere: The Ethics of Social Media and the Law

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Lawyers should not and cannot avoid social media. With more than 90% of todays online adults using social media regularly, it has fundamentally changed the way we all communicate in both our personal and professional lives. The question now is not whether lawyers can engage with social media, but how? While social media has become a functional imperative, it has also introduced risks, many of which, as yet, the law has not clearly addressed. This lecture will cover a number of common legal issues lawyers will face in the social media landscape, including: ethics, contract law, intellectual property, torts, regulatory law, employment law, evidence and recommended policies.   

About the Presenters

Lindsey Faivus, Esq.

Lindsey Faivus, Esq.

Vice Media LLC
Practice Area:Ethics
Lindsey Faivus, Esq. is Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs at VICE Media LLC, a global youth media company that includes print, event, music, online, television and feature film divisions and operates in over 35 countries. VICE is the industry…
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