Examining Prosecutorial Conduct: Department of Justice or Injustice

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The Ted Stevens case has become a template for examining prosecutorial misconduct. This seminar examines what happens when MR 3.8 (Special Responsibilities of a Prosecutor) is misunderstood or overlooked and whether it is the duty of the courts to remind prosecutors that they must adhere to the rules.  Cases reviewing egregious DOJ attorney misconduct and evidence of concealment of discovery are additional references in discussing how attorneys can avoid similar missteps by recognizing the path to this type of misconduct.

About the Presenters

William D. Brown, Ph.D.

William D. Brown, Ph.D.

Practice Area:Ethics
Dr. Brown, a clinical psychologist, is one of the nation's leading ethics lecturers. Since 1990, he has trained tens of thousands of attorneys and professionals on their ethical obligations in every facet of law.
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