Not for Prime Time - Avoiding Pitfalls and Learning from Lawyer Indiscretions

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Aside from attorney-client sexual involvement, has any matter wreaked more havoc in the lives of attorneys and their clients? Come and explore cases including a lawyer sexually exploiting a mentally vulnerable client; another who misled correctional authorities to reach female inmate for sexual purposes; inappropriate sexually related conduct with guardians, clients’ spouses, and witnesses; a female attorney who secretly continued an affair with husband of her firm’s divorce client; a government attorney who had an affair with a paralegal in a firm representing opponent, plus defense counsel who, throughout his client’s trial, had nightly sex with his client’s wife. Is it time for jurisdictions universally to approve black-letter language in the rules banning attorney- client sex commencing after establishment of attorney-client relationship?

About the Presenters

James R. Wrenn, Jr., Esq.

James R. Wrenn, Jr., Esq.

James R. Wrenn Jr. at WrennLaw.Com
Practice Area:Ethics
James Wrenn Jr. Esq. is an attorney in Virginia.  He is admitted to practice in the Virginia Supreme Court, the lower courts of the Commonwealth of Virginia, US District Courts for Eastern and Western Districts of Virginia, and the US Court of Appeals…
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