Top 10 Ethics Challenges

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AboutAbout This Course

Interactive seminar focusing on the application of appropriate ethical standards in ten challenging contexts. The 
contexts focus not solely on challenges facing lawyers individually but also those facing firms as well as the legal profession at large. 

Interactive analysis of what may be the "top ten" challenges in the field of ethics in the 21st Century. Some of these issues have their greatest impact on the practice of individual lawyers (whether solo or in firms) and others have their greatest impact on firms generally and/or on the legal profession at large as we progress further into the rapidly changing era of the 21st Century.

About the Presenters

William D. Brown, Ph.D.

William D. Brown, Ph.D.

Practice Area:Ethics
Dr. Brown, a clinical psychologist, is one of the nation's leading ethics lecturers. Since 1990, he has trained tens of thousands of attorneys and professionals on their ethical obligations in every facet of law.
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